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About Us

Who We Are

Supplying the Very Best

Greenridge Fruit was established in 1982 as a family business and is still under ownership and management of the second and third generation.  Our success has been built through strong partnerships with local growers who raise and entrust us to package and market the highest quality apples! Long term relationships are the foundation of our company, from growers we pack for to customers we sell and the team members we employ. Without the relationships we have developed we would be just another produce sales company, but by valuing relationships and always doing what’s best for our growers, customers, and employees we set ourselves apart.

  We believe the world deserves the opportunity to taste the very best apples available and that’s why we are here.  Just like coffee or wine, apples draw their unique flavor profiles from the soil they grow in and the apples grown in Michigan offer an amazingly sweet juicy eating experience.  Apples we sell have been grown by growers with decades of experience who take pride in picking apples when they are at the peak freshness.  If you’re interested in trying some of our fresh, delicious apples contact us today!

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